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Mfgr. Code1927-3-002-00
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1927-3-002-00 2 Piece Rack Conversion Kit 20"- 35"W X 6"H 7 LBS.

Conversion Kits for 2-Post server racks

Kendall Howard realized a long time ago that quality racks outlast all of the equipment that is mounted in them. Many of our Resellers and Product Champions work with customers that do not want to throw away a perfectly good 2-post rack just because their needs have changed. These Conversion Kits were created to allow you to connect two 2-post racks together and create a 4-post open frame adjustable rack.

As time went on, installers and resellers came up with some unique uses for these handy adjustable brackets. Examples include, securing a 2-post rack to the wall when you are not able to anchor a rack to the floor, or running trunk cables from the wall to the rack. If you have an old 2-post rack, or if you need to stabilize your new rack, Kendall Howard Conversion Kits can do the trick.

Available in a 2 or 4 Piece Kit

  • The 2 Piece Conversion Kit began as an added support bracket that was used when anchoring two 2 post racks together. As time went on, people came up with dozens of applications that make this one of the handiest bracket and bracing systems on the market today. These handy brackets adjust from 20" to 35" and the possibilities are endless.
  • The 4 Piece Conversion Kit began as a way to recycle and reuse old 2 Post Racks when upgrading a network. As time went on, installers started to use them as support brackets and anchors when securing a 2 post rack to the wall. When you cannot drill into the concrete floor, use a Kendall Howard Conversion Kit to secure your 2 Post Rack to the wall. These handy brackets adjust from 20" to 35" and the possibilities are endless.

Conversion Kits are proudly Made in the USA and backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

• Anchors any 2-Post Rack to the wall
• Provides added support to a 2-Post Rack
• Makes a great cable lacing bar
• Adjusts from 20" to 35"
• Made in the USA
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

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