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Truck Shipping

Truck shipping is completely different in the way freight is handled and the service levels provided than UPS or Fed Ex.  While UPS, Fed Ex and Airborne all do excellent jobs they have certain weight and size limitations that prevent them from handling all packages.  Truck freight is used for heavy items (over 150 pounds) OR items that are beyond the dimensional limitations these companies impose (generally Girth + Length must be less than 165 inches) regardless of the weight.

When truck freight is delivered they will bring it to your door or your dock and then you are required to remove it from the truck.  Truck freight does offer additional services;  ground level service and "inside delivery".  Ground level service is just that, they will use a lift gate and bring the item down to ground level.......period.  Inside delivery requires ground level service and then the freight company will bring the item inside.  With inside delivery some freight companies will take it to the location you specify others will only bring it into the first set of doors.  Usually ground level service adds about $90.00 and inside delivery adds about $50.00.  Inside delivery would add approximately $140.00 to the price of shipping.  Also, truck freight companies impose an additional charge if they are required to deliver to a residential address - this charge varies.

Truck freight can be very expensive in highly populated areas.  We can ship a cabinet to Akron, Ohio for $85.00 but ship the exact same cabinet to Manhattan, New York and the cost might be $185.00.  It is our understanding that this is determined by how easy it is to make deliveries and also how many deliveries can be made in any given area in a day.

Lastly, we would like our customers to understand that we have absolutely no control over this.   All of these policies and prices are dictated by the trucking companies, we merely pass along the costs.  We always try to ship by the most economical carrier possible.

If you have any questions about truck freight please contact Chris Walters, toll-free, at 888-651-3880 ext. 2 or send an email to



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